Zero-emission public transport and sustainable economy

We offer sustainable mobility options. The basis for sustainable mobility is public transport, which relies on a strong trunk route network: commuter trains, metro, trams and bus routes. We are aiming for nearly zero-emission public transport by 2025.

Sustainable growth through customer relationships

Our strategy aims to meet the challenges of an exceptionally difficult time. The strategy is ambitious: it is a customer-oriented plan for sustainable growth and economic recovery, whose emission targets support the achievement of the climate targets of our member municipalities.


Read more about route network planning.

Research and surveys

We conduct research and surveys to develop public transport services in the HSL area and to develop the Helsinki region transport system.

HSL as an organization

We are a joint local authority managing public transport and the transport system in the Helsinki region.

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HSL in 2023

Read a summary of our previous year. If you are looking for figures, here you can find information about passenger numbers and fleet.