Intensified ticket inspections on commuter trains 25 - 27 May

 HSL will be conducting intensified ticket inspections on
commuter trains from Friday 25 May to Sunday 27 May. The
inspections will take place in the evenings and at night.
Inspections will be conducted on the main line, coastal line and
Vantaankoski line. 

The aim of the intensified ticket inspections is to remind
passengers that a ticket must be purchased also on the late night

At the same time, HSL wants to improve the passengers' safety
through increased visibility of the transport staff. The ticket
inspectors will be accompanied by police and guards. 

The ticket inspectors hope that passengers will cooperate
with them and show their tickets when asked for. Ticket inspections
are for the common good for a substantial amount of ticket revenue
is lost due to fare dodging creating pressure to increase the
ticket prices.