HSL and Helsinki Cup recommend: use public transport to get to the football field

Helsinki Cup, one the biggest junior football tournaments in
Europe, will take place in Helsinki from 9 through 14 July 2012 for
the 37th time. All match venues are easily accessible by public
transport, so take public transport and avoid traffic jams and
parking problems.  

Some 880 junior football teams from 15 countries are expected to
the tournament. This means about 17,000 excited footballers and
their support teams.

All of the football pitches located around Helsinki as well
as the Love the Ball event park located in Töölö are well served by
public transport. HSL’s Journey Planner tells you the best
connections to the venues. You can search for routes in the
Helsinki metropolitan area at a desired time either on a map or by
entering addresses in search boxes. 

A day ticket is handy if you plan to make several journeys
during one day or several days. You can choose a ticket for 1 – 7
days. Both city internal and regional day tickets are available at
several service and sales points as well as from ticket
machines. The ticket is valid on all public transport.
Read more about the day tickets

In order to encourage the use of public transport during the
tournament, HSL has granted free tickets for the organizers of the
Helsinki Cup and some of the players.