The night fare will no longer apply to those traveling on a season ticket

In future, HSL’s season tickets will be valid also during the
night fare hours from 2am to 4.30amThe change will take effect at
2am on 2 January 2013. 

The current practice will still apply on the New Year
night. At the moment, season tickets are not valid during the night
fare hours; season ticket users have to purchase a night time
single or value ticket.

As of 2 January, regular public transport customers can travel
on the same ticket at any time of the day. The change will improve
driver safety and make travelling smoother as ticket sales and cash
handling are reduced.

Moderate price increases

After the turn of the year, a internal 30-day ticket will cost
EUR 45.90, a little under two euros more than at present. The price
of a regional 30-day ticket will increase by EUR 3.70 to EUR

The price of city internal adult tickets will increase by 6
cents to EUR 1.90, while the price of internal single tickets
purchased from the driver will increase by 10 cents, to EUR 2.80.
The prices of regional single and value tickets will remain the

The prices of the general season tickets available for everybody
and multi-user season tickets will increase substantially more than
the prices of the subsidized season tickets sold to the residents
of HSL member municipalities. On average, ticket prices will rise
by 3.5 percent.

The ticket prices are the same in all HSL member municipalities.
In Helsinki, children’s value and season tickets have been cheaper
than in other municipalities but the prices will be harmonized at
the beginning of next year. From the beginning of 2013, the
discount for children is 50 % in all municipalities.  

Ticket prices 2013