HSL prepares for the opening of Ring Rail Line – New bus route network in Vantaa in August 2015

The train services to be launched on the Ring Rail Line in summer 2015 will bring changes also to bus services in Vantaa. In future, bus services in Vantaa will mainly consist of feeder services to the Ring Rail Line stations. The Ring Rail Line will provide a fast trunk connection to the airport as well as to the areas of Leinelä, Aviapolis and Kivistö. The new rail line will also speed up cross town travel between Tikkurila and Myyrmäki. Direct bus routes between Vantaa and Helsinki city center will decrease.

In future, Myyrmäki and Tikkurila will be major hubs for train and bus services. Trunk route 560, which will start to run from Rastila via Malmi station and Paloheinä to Vuosaari in autumn 2015, will strengthen crosstown transport services. Journey times between East Helsinki and the airport will shorten as passengers will be able to transfer between route 560 buses and Ring Rail Line trains at Malmi station.

The Ring Rail Line will increase the operating costs of trains services by about EUR 9.4 - 9.8 million. Changes to bus services scheduled for August 2015 will offset the increase. The City of Vantaa considers it important that the overall cost of transport remains at the current level also after the opening of the Ring Rail Line. The cost of train services also depends on which stations the trains will stop at. The final decisions on the operation of the services will be made and costings completed in spring 2015 when test runs on the line have been carried out.

HSL has prepared for the reorganization of bus routes in Vantaa by developing four area-specific plans on the basis of which a route network plan for the whole of the city has been drawn up. In the overall plan, the area-specific plans have been revised to create a well-functioning network of routes, keeping the costs within the budget set out by the City of Vantaa. In addition to reasonable costs, Vantaa has emphasized that transport links must not be cut in neighborhoods constructed along good public transport links. Also, it is important that residents have easy access to health and leisure services.

The changing bus routes will be renumbered. The renumbering is also part of HSL's aim to revise the route numbering so that no two routes operate under the same route number in the HSL area. In conjuntion with the reorganization of the routes, also the bus service contracts are revised and operators may change. 

Changes in the Hakunila area

  • Route 717: public transport connections from the eastern part of Kuninkaanmäki to the district center and Helsinki city center along the route of the current route 741K.
  • Connections from Sotunki and Sepänmäki to the district center and Helsinki city center on route 717A from the Central Railway Station via Hakunila center and Itä-Hakkila to the turnaround by the Sotunki school.
  • Route 718 (current 740) runs from the Central Railway Station to Nissas at peak times
  • Commuter service 518 no longer runs via the eastern part of Kuninkaanmäki
  • Route 711 (current 68) no longer runs via the eastern part of Kuninkaanmäki
  • Route 712 (current 69) runs from Tikkurila via the eastern part of Kuninkaanmäki to the Kolohonka turnaround. Services to Sotunki are replaced by route 717A and route 719.

Changes in the Tikkurila area

  • Travel time from Hakunila to Tikkurila station is reduced compared to the present route 62 when the bus is rerouted to run along Ratatie in Tikkurila.

Changes in the Korso-Koivukylä area

  • There are changes to the connections from Ilola, Ruskeasanta and Simonkylä to Helsinki city center.
  • Route 622 (current 613) from Ilola continues to provide a fast peak hour bus link to Helsinki but the route terminates in Hakaniemi. The fastest way to get to Helsinki city center is to change from route 624 to train at Leinelä, Koivukylä or Tikkurila stations. From Helsinki, the services are operated under route number 621 via Tammisto and Aviapolis.
  • Route 623 is shortened to terminate in Hakaniemi. The fastest way of getting to Helsinki from the service area of the route is by train from Tikkurila, Leinelä or Koivukylä stations.
  • There are some changes to the services to the Peijas Hospital to provide as extensive services as possible but also to provide services that meet the demand from around the city as well as possible. 
  • Route 735 (current 70) runs via Peijaksen mäki and provides a direct connection from Tikkurila to the Peijas Hospital.
  • Feeder service 625 only runs Monday to Friday at peak times; the service is operated by a minibus. At other times, feeder services to the Leinelä station are provided by route 574 Peijas-Myyrmäki and 623  Hakaniemi-Peijas. Route 623 does not run via Rekolanmäki but route 625 goes there at peak times. There will be direct connections or connections involving one transfer to Peijas from different parts of Vantaa.

Changes in the Aviapolis area

  • Routes 572 (current 56) and route 574 (current 50/52/53) run along Väinö Tannerin tie in Pakkala. Connections to the Jumbo shopping center improve.
  • Route 616 Hakaniemi – Kivistö (current 652) continues to provide a direct commuter service to workplaces along Ring Road III. Route 616 runs via Valimotie and Ylästöntie. The terminus of the route is at the Kivistö station which means that the route also provides a direct connection from Kivistö to Helsinge skola. As route 616 provides a connection from Kivistö to the Central Vantaa employment areas, the western terminus of route 575 is moved to Martinlaakso station.
  • Route 576 (current 46) is not extended to Tuupakantie. The bus continues to run along Tikkurilantie.   
  • There are minor changes to the routes of buses 415, 562, 571 and 615 in Pakkala in order that the routes would serve the area’s residents and businesses as well as possible.

Changes in the Myyrmäki area

  • A new route 311 running between MyyrmäkI, Pähkinärinne and Hämeenkylä replaces the current routes 50 and 51.
  • Route 571 (current 55) and route 311 provide a good connection every 10-15 minutes between Myyrmäki and Pähkinärinne
  • Route 574 (current 50) runs from Vantaankoski via Martinlaakso to Myyrmäki.
  • Route 314 (new number 335) is extended from Myyrmäki via Louhelantie and Martinlaakso to Askisto to provide direct connections to the Kaivoksela school. The route operates Monday to Friday 6am-6pm. In addition, route 314B operates at peak times, in the evenings and at weekends between Myyrmäki, Martinlaakso and Askisto. In Linnainen, the evening and weekend services are provided by a demand-responsive taxi (route 335T).
  • Route 335 is extended to Askisto.
  • Route 565 is shortened to run between Vantaankoski station, Martinlaakso, Myyrmäki and Espoon keskus.
  • Route 574 a new route from Vantaankoski via Martinlaakso to Myyrmäki
  • Route 322 provides a connection from Vantaankoski station to Pähkinärinne

Changes in the Kivistö area

  • Route 616 Hakaniemi – Kivistö provides a connection from Kivistö station to Central Vantaa
  • Route 616 provides a direct connection, for example, to the Jumbo shopping center and Helsinge skola
  • Buses from the direction of Nurmijärvi run in Kivistö either via bus stops located along the motorway close to the station or via the Kivistö terminal and Vanha Hämeenlinnantie