HSL campaigns to attract middle-aged people to public transport

HSL is rerunning its successful campaign to attract new customers to public transport. New customers are offered a Travel Card with a free two week season ticket. This year, the campaign targets in particular middle-aged and senior citizens who use public transport clearly less than other age groups.

“According to surveys, the popularity of public transport is currently increasing in all age groups at the expense of driving. Only the over 60’s use their cars more than before. On the other hand, the older age groups use public transport relatively less than others. That is why in this campaign we want to concentrate on this age group,” says HSL Director of Marketing and Communications Mari Flink.

Prior to the campaign, HSL conducted interviews to find out why some middle-aged people think the use of public transport is difficult.

“The results were not surprising. Getting a Travel Card, buying the right ticket and the use of the card reader are deemed difficult. All these small worries build up into a big problem and many people think it is easier simply to take the car. Also, inexperienced users of public transport are afraid embarrassing situations onboard. What if I don't know how to use the card reader although everyone else knows? Inexperienced users may, for example, deem boarding a bus to be a stressful event. The people behind you and the driver are watching how you cope with the card reader. With the campaign, we want to encourage these people to come and try public transport. You don’t have to know everything beforehand and you can always ask for help from the driver or other passengers,” says Flink.

During the campaign, 31 March – 13 April, new customers can order a Travel Card loaded with a 14-day season ticket online. The benefit is worth €55.10-€79.50 and it is offered to those residents of the HSL area who do not yet have a personal Travel Card.

Order a Travel Card at the campaign site!