Integration of land use and transport ensure good flow of traffic

In 2050, Helsinki region will be home to 2 million people and some one million jobs. In order to ensure a good flow of traffic in the growing region, land use must be more efficient and integrated with the transport system. When services and housing are concentrated along good public transport links, the need to travel decreases and the area with good transport links expands. These policies are set out in the draft transport system plan prepared under the direction of HSL.

In 2050, the number of daily journeys on Helsinki region public transport will be 1.5 million. The trunk network, i.e. frequently running rail services and trunk bus services, form the basis of the public transport system. Crosstown trunk bus routes improve links between district centers creating attractive nodes for jobs and services. Feeder bus services ensure good transport links also for a wider area.

Vehicular traffic pricing is an effective tool for diverting journeys to public transport, walking and cycling. Although the pricing increases the cost of driving, its benefits for all road user are clear: when congestion is in control, journey times are shorter. The income generated must be invested in developing the region's transport system.

According to the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan HLJ 2015, public transport is planned and organized as an integrated whole across the region. Although the cost of public transport management will increase along with increasing number of journeys, the cost per journey will decrease thanks to a more efficient system.

“Trip and transportation chains are more efficient when public transport, Park & Ride, nodes and the ticketing system are planned as an integrated whole across the region.  Also up-to-date travel information and incident management must be improved," emphasizes HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

Development of Park & Ride encourages use of public transport.  More Park & Ride sites are needed to make the use of Park & Ride parking more attractive. The funding of construction and maintenance needs to be reorganized so that the funding is provided by those who benefit from the service.

The Helsinki Region Transport System Plan HLJ 2015 is a strategic plan taking an overall view of the transport system. The preparation of the plan is closely linked to the preparation of the Helsinki region land use plan and the housing strategy included in it. The plan covers all 14 municipalities in the region. The Executive Board of HSL decided on 21 October to circulate the draft for comments.