HSL loyalty scheme launched

HSL is launching a loyalty scheme offering a range of benefits to customers who have an HSL account and Travel Card. At the same time, HSL is opening an online shop selling tickets and HSL merchandise.

HSL account enables, for example, personalized information at HSL.fi and the Journey Planner and offers customers a range of benefits and discounts on products and services provided by HSL's partners. At the moment, HSL has about 900,000 active Travel Card customers and 80,000 customers who have created an HSL account. The goal is to  increase the number of customers who have an HSL account substantially. The account can be created at https://www.hsl.fi/en/customer-benefits. Next year HSL will introduce more new digital services to facilitate the use of public transport.

“Passengers who have an HSL account get more personalized services and information. We can involve them, for example, in the development of route network plans for their residential areas better than before and offer benefits suitable for each customer,” says HSL CRM & Marketing Manager Sami Jokivirta.

Travel Card customers or HSL account holders now get discounts at shops, restaurants, car rentals, theater, etc.  A list of valid customer benefits is available at hsl.fi/en/customer-benefits.  Discounts can be obtained online by logging in with the HSL account or showing a Travel Card, e.g. at a shop. There are also regular prize draws with prizes such as tickets to various events. In addition, customers can subscribe to direct, personalized information about changes and diversions to selected routes and comment on HSL.fi contents.

Travel Cards available online

HSL has also opened an online shop at hsl.fi/verkkokauppa. The shop is currently available only in Finnish. The shop enables customers across the country to buy HSL’s tickets and products. At the beginning, customers can order adult and child personal Travel Cards using online banking credentials, day tickets, Suomenlinna tickets, HSL merchandise as well as gift vouchers to the shop.  All HSL merchandise are delivered free of charge. For tickets, there is a small delivery fee depending on the delivery method. Online loading of Travel Cards will be available in 2017.

The loyalty scheme and online shop are the first among a series of digital services launched. At the end of this year, HSL will introduce a mobile ticket valid across the Helsinki region.  

Next spring, city bikes available for use with the help of an HSL account and Travel Card will be introduced.  In addition, HSL will roll out a completely new information system during 2016 and in autumn 2016, the current Journey Planner will be transformed into a national service providing real-time information about the location of vehicles.

“We are at a major turning point. The mobile ticket and real-time timetable information will make the use of public transport even easier. The national Journey Planner service will offer both passengers and developers new possibilities for combining journeys,” says HSL Director of Passenger Services Department Pirkko Lento.