National Travel Survey looks into people's travel habits

The National Travel Survey, conducted every five years, is now underway and will be running until the end of the year. In the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region, about 12,500 residents aged over six years are selected for the survey. Interviews are conducted by phone, mail and online.

The survey is commissioned by the Finnish Transport Agency and conducted by TNS Gallup.  HSL is a partner in the survey.  If you are asked to take the survey, it is worth it to do so.  

“The National Travel Survey provides important information about the travel habits of Finns and about the seasonal variation in travel,” says HSL Transport Analyst Pekka Räty. "The information is of assistance, for example, in improving mobility possibilities and traffic safety as well as in attempting to reduce the environmental impacts of transport."

Information is collected from a total of 65,000 people throughout the country. More detailed surveys are conducted in the Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu, Riihimäki, Salo, Tampere and Turku regions and Päijät-Häme as well as in eastern and western Uusimaa. The results will be available at the end of 2017.