Changes to train and bus services from 27 March

There are changes to commuter train letter codes and stopping locations from Sunday 27 March. At the same time, there are changes to bus timetables in Espoo, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo to ensure smooth transfers from buses to trains.

Changes to bus services

Bus timetables will change on 27 March (click the route number to view the timetable)

21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 42, 46, 51, 65/K, 82, 85 and 86 as well as 243, 502 and 510B

5 as well as 973, 738 and 633

173, 903 and 911


New bus route 166B starts running

A new bus route166B, Kauklahti-Lasilaakso will start running on 27 March. The route replaces train services to Mankki halt, which will be closed.

Route of bus 166B

Timetable of bus 166B 

Changes to commuter train services    

The biggest changes to commuter train services will take place on the coastal line.  

The route of Y trains is shortened; the trains start to operate only between Helsinki and Siuntio. The timetables and stations served change. The trains stop at Pasila, Huopalahti, Leppävaara, Espoo, Masala and Kirkkonummi. The route has four services in each direction on weekdays.

HSL tickets are valid on  Y trains only between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi. For journeys to/from Siuntio, passengers need a VR ticket.

A new X train starts running between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi at peak times. The train serves the same stations as the Y train. The route has one service in the morning from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki and one service from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi in the afternoon. 

The Mankki and Luoma halts are closed. The number of passengers boarding at the halts has been low. Their closure enables the operation of the fast Y trains to Siuntio.

Services to Mankki are replaced by a new bus route 166B, Kauklahti-Lasilaakso. Luoma will be served by bus route 911, Kauklahti-Masala-Kirkkonummi.

S and U trains from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi are merged into a new U train stopping also at Tolsa and Jorvas.  In addition, there are minor changes to the timetables of L trains. The changes shorten the journey times of U and L trains by some minutes and improve the reliability of train services.

On the main line, H and R trains are merged into a new R train, which stops only at Pasila, Tikkurila and Kerava in the HSL are. In addition, the timetables of Z trains change. 

Some T trains are turned into R trains. The withdras T train services are replaced by new N train services and by a new I train service from Helsinki at 11.29pm. 

New fast D train services stopping at Tikkurila and Pasila are introduced between Riihimäki and Helsinki.

Commuter trains from 27 March