Cuts to HSL mobile ticket prices, night fare to be discontinued

The prices of HSL mobile tickets will be cut by up to 25 per cent at the beginning of 2018. The separate night fare will be discontinued. Prices of other tickets will remain unchanged.

The prices of city internal mobile tickets will fall by nearly 25 per cent at the beginning of 2018 from 2.90 euros to 2.20 euros. The price of two-zone regional mobile tickets will fall from 5 euros to 4.20 euros. After the price cut, mobile single tickets will cost the same as Travel Card value tickets.

HSL will also introduce mobile season tickets, which will cost the same as Travel Card season tickets.

“Our mobile sales have increased substantially. This year mobile ticket sales amount to almost 30 million euros. Next year, mobiles sales will amount to almost 70 million euros and if the current trend continues, mobile will be our most important sales channel by 2020. The easy-to-use mobile tickets have also attracted new users to public transport. Over 500,000 people have the HSL mobile ticket app on their phones. We believe that many of our customers will also start using our new mobile season tickets,” says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

In addition to adult season tickets, HSL will next year introduce child season tickets, annual passes and student tickets.

The HSL Executive Board decided to keep the prices of other tickets, i.e. season tickets, Travel Card value tickets and single tickets, unchanged.

“During this and previous years, the use of public transport has increased more than anticipated. The increase has shown both in passenger numbers and ticket revenue. Thanks to the positive trend and surplus generated we are now able to keep the ticket prices unchanged and even cut the prices of mobile tickets,” continues Rihtniemi.
The separate night fare charged between 2am and 4.30am will be discontinued. As atypical working hours have become more prevalent, it is not justifiable that people traveling very late at night or early in the morning have to pay more for their journeys than others. The night fare is not a significant source of ticket income for HSL because most passengers have season tickets. The discontinuation of the night fare simplifies the array of tickets.

Siuntio and Tuusula will become members of HSL at the beginning of next year. The new municipalities will be in the same fare zone as Kirkkonummi, Kerava and Sipoo.

HSL proposes an increase for the penalty fare from 80 euros to 100 euros. The fare has remained unchanged since 2007. The amount of the penalty fare is fixed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The prices decided for 2018 will be valid until the new zone model is introduced, according to current estimates in summer 2018. The Executive Board will decide the prices of the new zone model in spring 2018.