The old Journey Planner to be closed - the new Journey Planner continuously developed based on user feedback

The old Journey Planner is scheduled to be closed at the end of November, but the Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking will remain open.

Three out of four users use the Journey Planner on mobile. Photo: HSL/Lauri Eriksson

The old HSL Journey Planner will be closed at the end of November.  

The old Journey Planner has had some 20,000 daily users after the launch of the new Journey Planner in February. HSL has invited feedback from the users of the old planner about the new Journey Planner and how to develop it. The old and new planners have been available side by side for about six months. 

The old Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking will remain available at The Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking will be transferred to the new planner during the next year. 

The new Journey Planner has 150,000 daily users

The new Journey Planner has about 150,000 daily users. HSL has received a wealth of feedback on the new planner since its introduction. The new planner has been improved based on the feedback. 

The Journey Planner is continuously developed and new features are published every two weeks. Errors identified by users and the development team are continuously fixed. 

Improved search, a new front page to come

Recently, the Journey Planner's search function has been improved so that it is easier to find stops and their timetables. In addition, the search now finds district centers better than before.

”It is now possible to add via points along the route and planning a journey for a certain date has been made easier. There is now more detailed platform information and the printing of itineries and interchange maps has been made easier. This function continues to be further developed," says Jari Honkonen, the Journey Planner Concept Owner at HSL.

In the next phase, the Journey Planner will get a new front page. Instead of using location services, customers will be able to directly type the desired place of departure. Printing of timetables will be facilitated and the advanced search will be developed to meet customer wishes. 

”We test the Journey Planner's features with users in cooperation with service designers. We get a lot development ideas from customers. Thank you for all the feedback! We are continuously using the feedback to improve the service," says Honkonen.