Improvements to wheelchair users’ access to Park & Ride facilities in the HSL area

Park & Ride facilities are now also available for customers traveling on a child ticket.

Customers traveling on a child ticket and wheelchair users can now access HSL area’s Park & Ride facilities more easily.

Previously, those Park & Ride car parks that required a Travel Card could only be accessed with a valid adult ticket.

“Drivers of mopeds and moped cars, who have not yet turned 18 can now use the Park & Ride facilities in the same way as drivers of cars and motorcycles. In addition, children, who because of physical disability or other reasons are entitled to an escort, have access to Park & Ride facilities even if their escort does not have a ticket,” explains Tarja Jääskeläinen, Senior Adviser at HSL.

Wheelchair users have the right to travel on HSL public transport without a ticket. However, if a wheelchair user needs to use Park & Ride facilities, they must have an HSL card with a valid season or value ticket. For permanent wheelchair users, HSL now issues personal HSL cards loaded with a free ticket that is valid in the entire HSL area.

Customers can pick up the free ticket from an HSL service point when they have a medical certificate.

“For the time being, a wheelchair user applying for a free ticket must live in the HSL area. When the travel zones are introduced, the benefit becomes independent of the municipality of residence,” says Jääskeläinen.

QR readers for mobile tickets soon to complement existing card readers

HSL and several other Finnish cities are developing electronic readers for mobile tickets together with TVV lippu- ja maksujärjestelmä Oy. Originally, HSL was planning to introduce the same mobile ticket readers at Park & Ride facilities that are being implemented in the rest of the public transport system.

However, since the implementation of a nationwide solution is taking longer than expected, HSL has decided to acquire QR readers for Park & Ride areas so that mobile tickets can be read. QR readers will be introduced alongside existing card readers this year.

HSL's goal, together with municipalities in the HSL area, is to improve the Park & Ride experience by clarifying information and signage. In Helsinki, HKL has already started to implement a signage reform in accordance with a regional Park & Ride concept.

Park & Ride facilities are parking areas designed for cyclist and motorists near public transport stations. Park & Ride facilities improve the accessibility of public transport and promote sustainable mobility.