Student tickets and auto-renewing season ticket subscriptions now available on the HSL app

The newest version of the HSL app makes it easier for students in the Helsinki region to get public transport tickets. The discount entitlement can be confirmed and season ticket purchased using the app. In addition, direct debit season tickets are reintroduced in a digital format; the newest version of the HSL app allows customers to set up auto-renewing season ticket subscriptions.

Auto-renewing subscription is a feature customers have been eagerly wishing for. On the HSL app, you can buy season tickets for a fixed period of 30 days. The price of the ticket, which is the same as the price of a season ticket loaded on the HSL card, is debited from your payment card every 30 days.  

The digital season ticket for students alleviates queues at HSL service points as students no longer need to visit a service point to update their HSL cards every autumn. At first, student tickets are available on the app for university students. For the time being, high school students cannot buy season tickets using the app. The student discount entitlement is confirmed using an app linked to the Koski service of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

“The service makes students’ life easier and saves paperwork for authorities,” says HSL’s Director of Customer Experience and Sales, Mari Flink.

The study credits, degrees and qualifications of Finnish students have been accessible via the Koski service for just over a year.  Anyone can log into the My Studyinfo service to view information about their studies.

“The service which allows citizens and authorities to accesss this information reliably in one place creates many possibilities and benefits. This is a good example of that,” says Joonas Mäkinen, Development Manager from the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Save your favorite stops and purchase data

HSL’s customers have been wishing for a feature allowing them to add favorite stops for route searches.
In addition, season ticket customers are offered a better view of their purchase data. For this purpose, users are asked to create an HSL account when they buy a season ticket on the app.

The newest version of the HSL app was published on Thursday 28 March.

Download/open the HSL app here