Bus operators awarded over two million euros to reduce emissions

Environmental bonuses to bus operators will help to cut carbon emissions from bus services by nearly 23,000 tons this year.

In 2020, HSL will pay 2.1 million euros in environmental bonuses to bus operators who cut their particulate and carbon emissions. The operators’ measures will reduce carbon emissions from bus services in the Helsinki region by nearly 23,000 tons, nitrogen oxides by 14 tons and particulate matter emissions by 560 tons by the beginning of next year.

The bonuses are awarded through a bidding process. Last autumn, three operators submitted a total of 52 bids. HSL ranked the bids by cost-effectiveness.

The bonuses total 2.1 million euros, about 500,000 euros more than in 2019. The bonuses are paid on top of normal operating compensations.

“Our aim is to improve air quality in the Helsinki region and to reduce greenhouse gases as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Environmental bonuses allow us to compensate the operators for costs incurred by measures to reduce emissions," says Tero Anttila, HSL’s Director of Public Transport Department.

Our goal is to cut nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon emissions affecting air quality by more than 90 percent from 2010 levels by 2025.