City bike season starts in Vantaa on 1 April

The second city bike season will start in Vantaa on Wednesday 1 April. There are in total 1,000 city bikes at your disposal in the Tikkurila, Aviapolis, Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso areas. City bikes are available at 100 bike stations. The city bike season will run until the end of October.

You can register as a user at the city bike website, accessible also via the HSL app. At the same website, you can find a map showing the locations of the bike stations. You can also check the locations in our Journey Planner. City bike website

Alternatively, you can register as a user for one day or a week using the CityBike Vantaa mobile app. You can also use the app to pay single rides, which are charged on a per-minute basis.
Read more about the CityBike Vantaa application

Buy a Vantaa city bike season pass now

You can buy a daily, weekly or season pass on the city bike website. You can already buy a pass for the whole season. Day and weekly passes will be available from 1 April.

The fee for the whole season is 30 euros. A day pass costs five euros and a weekly pass ten euros. All passes allow unlimited up to 30-minute bike rides during their validity and you can ride longer for an extra charge.

Vantaa city bikes are a separate system from the Helsinki and Espoo bikes. If you want to use both systems, you need to buy a separate pass for each system.

Wear gloves when cycling

We have developed the error report system from last year and a new feedback channel will be introduced in April. You can file an error report on your personal city bike page in the ride history. The station and bike details will be automatically added in the report. You can log in to your personal city bike page using your HSL account.

You can also file an error report without logging in, in which case you must enter the name of the station or bike number yourself.

Last year there were occasional problems with the readers on the bikes but the devices will be updated in May.

NB! Because of the coronavirus epidemic, please wear gloves when cycling. Remember also to wash your hands often. The bikes are cleaned during servicing.  

As public transport services have been reduced because of the virus, the bikes provide a good alternative mode of transport for short journeys. It is also easier to keep distance from other people when cycling than on public transport.