Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy awarded contract for bus routes in East Helsinki and Vantaa in the biggest tendering process in HSL’s history

The biggest tendering process in HSL’s history included 36 bus routes in Vantaa and East Helsinki. The contract for the routes was awarded to Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy, which will operate the routes from 16 August 2021.

All in all, the tendering process covered the services of 122 buses. The volume of the tendered services is nearly 12 million route kilometers a year. The services account for about ten per cent of the number of vehicles and 12 per cent of the route kilometers of bus services procured by HSL. The total cost of the contract is about 33 million euros a year.

More electric buses

Over 40 per cent of the requested fleet are electric buses. In total 40 new two-axle electric buses and 18 new articulated electric buses will enter service on the tendered services in August 2021. Articulated buses will be reintroduced in the region after a break of over ten years. The new trunk route, 570 (Mellunmäki-Airport) will be operated with articulated electric buses.

In addition, six new and 60 existing EEV or Euro VI compliant diesel buses will serve on the routes now tendered. During the seven year contract period, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy will replace old diesel buses with 18 electric buses. This means that in total, the operator will purchase 76 electric buses for the services.

According to the transport service contract, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy will lease the Ojanko bus depot from a company owned by the City of Vantaa. The depot will be built along Ring Road III in Eastern Vantaa. The construction of the depot will start in May. Preparation work, such as felling trees, will be carried out in April.  

Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy was awarded a contract for the operation of the following routes:      

92    Itäkeskus – Myllypuro – Alakiventie
92N  Railway Square – Kontula (Keinutie)
94    Itäkeskus – Kontulankaari
94A    Kotikonnuntie – Kontula – Kivikko – Kotikonnuntie
94N    Railway Square – Kontulankaari
95    Itäkeskus – Keinutie
95N  Railway Square – Länsimäki – Mellunmäki
97    Itäkeskus – Mellunmäki
97N    Railway Square – Kontula (Kotikonnuntie)
97V    Itäkeskus – Mellunmäki
98    Itäkeskus – Rastila
518    Ilmala – Kuninkaanmäki
570    Mellunmäki – Tikkurila – Airport
587    Mellunmäki – Vierumäki
588    Länsisalmi – Sotunki School
588B    Länsisalmi – Sotunki School
619    Tikkurila – Simonsilta
624    Tikkurila – Ilola – Päiväkumpu
624N    Tikkurila – Kylmäoja
631    Tikkurila – Kulomäki
711    Hakaniemi – Tikkurila
717    Railway Square – Hakunila – Tikkurila
717N  Railway Square – Jakomäki – Nissas
718  Railway Square – Nissas
718A    Railway Square – Sotunki
721    Hakaniemi – Koivukylä Station
721N   Railway Square – Koivukylä Station
724    Tikkurila – Päiväkumpu
731    Hakaniemi – Kulomäki
731N    Railway Square – Kulomäki
734    Jokivarsi – Korso
735     Tikkurila – Mikkola
736    Tikkurila – Sotunki – Nikinmäki – Korso
736B    Nikinmäki – Korso
737    Pohjois-Nikinmäki – Korso
737K    Pohjois-Nikinmäki – Korso
739    Railway Square – Nikinmäki – Korso