New Kivistö bus network will offer better connections to Tammisto

When the new bus network for Kivistö is rolled out in 2022, the current regional route 616 to Hakaniemi will be rerouted to run from Tammisto via Pakkala, Aviapolis, Tikkurilantie and Kannisto to Kivistö. The bus will serve the densely built Kivistö area, providing access to services in Tammisto and Pakkala every day of the week from early morning to lat evening. Currently, there are direct services from Kivistö to Tammisto only at peak times.

When planning the route network, we asked passengers in the Kivistö area what improvements they would like to see and better connections to Tammisto and the Jumbo Shopping Center topped the priorities of passengers. Connections from Kivistö to Hakaniemi will not significantly deteriorate due to the rerouting because journeys via Pasila will be almost as fast as journeys on the current route 616.

Services between the Kivistö railway station and Helsinki city center will run more frequently, with bus 431 to Elielinaukio running every ten minutes. Bus 433 currently running between Kivistö station and Martinlaakso will no longer run via Kannisto, speeding up feeder journeys to/from Vantaanpuisto. Route 433 will replace current routes 432, 433 and 433K.

Journeys from Kannisto to Martinlaakso will in the future require transfers. At peak times, buses will run about every 10 minutes from Kannisto to Kivistö station, from where passengers can continue to Martinlaakso by train or bus 433.

Route 434 serving the new Keimolanmäki neighborhood will start running more frequently; every 10 minutes at peak times and every 20 minutes off-peak. Services are increased because of the growing population in the area and more frequent feeder services to the Ring Rail Line are needed.

Services from Aviapolis station to locations along Tikkurilantie will increase significantly, with buses 576 and 616 both running along Tikkurilantie.

There will be no changes to bus services to the north of Kivistö station, except for route 616 replacing routes 432 and 433(K) in the direction of the old detached housing area. Services in Reuna, Tapola, Riipilä, Koivupää, Viinikanmetsä and Kesäkylä will remain unchanged.

The new route network is set to be rolled out in autumn 2022.

New route network developed in interaction with residents

We undertook to redesign the Kivistö area bus routes to meet the changing travel needs of residents. Kivistö is evolving into a new district center in Vantaa, with up to 50,000 residents in the future.

Our aim was to create a more streamlined route network, with buses running with more even headways and serving key destinations in the Kivistö area as well as outside the area. The importance of Kivistö station as a public transport node is inceasing.

We planned the route network in close interaction with residents in the Kivistö area. In autumn 2019, we conducted a travel survey to understand the travel habits of people in the area. Some 1,600 people responded to the survey.

In addition, we presented the plan in a residents’ meeting and held a workshop for residents to share their views about the current network and ideas for the new network.