Pivo now available in the HSL app

You can now pay for tickets purchased using the HSL app with Pivo. Pivo is a mobile payment app developed by OP Group that can be used by customers of all Finnish banks.

You can use Pivo to pay for single and day tickets as well as season tickets (excluding auto-renewing tickets) on the HSL app.  

“We want to make our services as easy as possible for our customers to use and to offer up-to-date payment methods. Our customers have long been hoping to be able to make payments on the app with Pivo,” says Satu Piiparinen, HSL’s Product Manager for contactless payment.

Paying with Pivo is easy, fast and safe. When paying with Pivo, you do not need to enter your banking credentials or card details each time; you only need to enter the information in the payment app once. Payment is confirmed with a swipe.  

The HSL app and Pivo are both very popular services. Over 50 percent of HSL single tickets and an increasing number of season tickets are purchased using the HSL app, which has been downloaded by users by about two million times. Pivo has 1.2 million registered users.  

“The idea for adding Pivo in the HSL app came from our users. We are delighted to provide our mobile payment customers another new service,” says the Business Owner of OP mobile payments Matti Rusila.  

To start using Pivo, download it to your smartphone from an app store. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices. Once you have downloaded Pivo to your phone, enter you phone number, credit/debit card details and your online banking credentials to start using the app.

How to pay with Pivo in the HSL app

  •     Make sure you are using the latest version of the HSL app, i.e. version 2.8.0.
  •     Open the HSL app.
  •     Select ticket.
  •     Select Pivo as payment method.
  •     You will receive a payment request in Pivo. Open Pivo and confirm the payment with a swipe.
  •     Return to the HSL app.