We pay bus operators supplementary compensation for enhanced coronavirus cleaning

Bus operators have been cleaning their buses more intensely than before since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and we are paying them additional compensation for it.  

The enhanced cleaning has brought the operators additional work and, among other things, the need to use cleaning agents that cost more than usual. The companies have not been able to add such costs to the prices that they have offered in tenders, so compensating them for the additional costs is justified.

We also want to ensure that the coronavirus pandemic will not take too much of a slice out of the finances of the operators.    

We will pay the supplementary compensation for the 16 March - 30 September 2020 period. The amount of the compensation is based on the number of buses used on weekdays by the operators as well as information given by the companies on the costs of the enhanced cleaning.  

The estimated total compensation from March to September is just under EUR 700,000.