Future ticketing system

We have started work to overhaul our ticket and fare payment systems to better meets customers’ travel needs. The main goal is ease of travel.


Tickets will move to the cloud

Purchase and use of tickets will change: in the future, the right to travel will be stored on your user account instead of the HSL card or the HSL app. When you board a vehicle, your travel information will be sent to the backend system where the price of your journey is calculated.

Card or phone as a token

In the future, not only your HSL card or smartphone but also your debit or credit card may be used as a token to travel. You will show the token to a reader when boarding a vehicle. In the future, the token may also be read automatically and contactlessly without you having to show it to the reader at all.

Participate and have influence

We are designing the new service with customer needs and wants in mind. You can participate in the development and testing of the service at different stages.

Why are we doing this?

We want to develop our ticketing and payment systems as well as ticket pricing to better meet customers’ travel needs and to provide more flexibility. Buying tickets should be easy and smooth to make using public transport easy.

How will it all happen?

  • Reforming tickets and payment methods is a multi-year project.
  • We are now in the process of developing the service and its operating principles.
  • In autumn 2021, we will commence extensive customer testing to assess alternative proposals to reform tickets, fares and payment methods.
  • Following the customer testing, we will start planning the rollout of the new tickets and payment methods in 2022. The rollout will start in about 2024.
  • At the first stage, the new account-based model will be based on the current zones and tickets.