Public transport in Kalasatama

Transport arrangements in Kalasatama now

Over the coming years, Kalasatama will be one of the fastest growing areas in Helsinki. The construction of the new Redi shopping center has affected public transport routes around Kalasatama.

Transport in Kalasatama in the future

Over the next decades, Kalasatama will be built to accommodate 20,000 residents and over 8,000 jobs. It will also be a major service hub, with the Redi shopping center and various other services around it attracting visitors from the neighboring areas.

Several suburban bus routes will run through Kalasatama in the years to come and some Vantaa bus routes will terminated there. There are also plans for tram routes in the area. In the next decade, tram routes will run from the southern parts of the area via Hakaniemi to the city center and via Korkeasaari to Laajasalo.

HSL and the City of Helsinki are planning changes to bus routes as well as drawing up a general tram service plan to be implemented in the 2020s.The changes to bus routes are related to the completion of the shopping center and housing construction in the area. The aim of the general tram route planning is to produce information about the benefits and costs of the tram route in order that the City Council can decide on its implementation. Tram services could begin operating in the early 2020s

The aim is that the first drafts could be published at the beginning of 2017.

Public transport is the number one choice for transport in Kalasatama

Public transport provides freedom of movement. The reliability of public transport is ensured by providing the lanes needed and traffic signal priorities. Public transport, walking and cycling are attractive modes of transport in the area. Owning a car or daily use of car are not necessary in Kalasatama.

Kalasatama tram routes 

Kalasatama tram routes, general map 

Construction of Kalasatama 

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