Constant quality transport service

Passenger satisfaction with public transport services in the HSL
area continues at high levels.

In autumn 2011, passengers gave HSL’s public transport
services an overall grade of 4.01 on a scale from 1 to 5. A total
of 84 per cent of passengers were either satisfied or highly
satisfied with HSL’s public transport services. Less than two per
cent of passengers gave a poor or very poor overall grade.

Compared to 2010, the share of satisfied passengers increased
on the Metro, trams and buses. The highest overall grade, 4.14, was
given by Metro passengers and the lowest, 3.75, by VR’s commuter
train passengers.

Smooth interchanges

HSL asked passengers to evaluate several individual factors
affecting the quality of transport services, such as space
capacity, smoothness of travel, tidiness of vehicles and drivers’
ability to serve and provide advice. 

Metro passengers were highly satisfied with the speed and
smoothness of travel. The respondents also felt that the Metro
serves their travel needs well. Passengers were also satisfied with
that Metro journeys go without disturbances. Cleanliness of
stations was criticized, with only about half of the respondents
being satisfied with it.

Tram passengers were satisfied with drivers' ability to
provide advice, availability of seating, information, smoothness of
interchanges and waiting conditions at stops. 

Bus passengers were satisfied, among others, with onboard
safety and order and tidiness of vehicles.  Over 20 per cent of bus
passengers considered that changing buses was smooth. Satisfaction
with the punctuality of bus services and availability of seating
fell from the previous year, which probably due to significantly
increased passenger numbers among other things.  

Passengers on VR's commuter trains were mores satisfied with
the smoothness of travel than in spring 2011. However, commuter
trains are lagging behind other modes of transport in many
aspects. This is probably due to that the problems encountered
earlier in the year still affected the image of commuter train

Most satisfied passengers found in Kerava

HSL also asked passengers’ opinions on individual bus routes.
The highest overall score was awarded to regional bus route 111,
Kamppi-Westend-Haukilahti, which received particularly high scores
for punctuality and smoother of travel. The poorest overall score
was given to Helsinki internal bus route 94B, Kivikonkaari-Kontula,
which was criticized e.g. for poor space capacity and smoothness of

HSL also asked passengers’ opinion on ticket inspectors’
service; nearly 90 per cent of respondents were content with the
ticket inspectors. Some 95 per cent of respondents considered
Travel Card to be an easy-to-use and agreeable means of payment.

Passenger satisfaction was surveyed also by area of
operations. No less than 88 per cent of passengers on Kerava
internal bus services were satisfied with the services. The most
critical passengers were found in Espoo, but even there the share
of satisfied passengers was over 80 per cent.

HSL conducted a customer satisfaction survey in
September/November 2011. A total of nearly 24,000 passengers
responded to the survey.  

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