Discount on car sharing and rental services with HSL’s Travel Card 

By favoring public transport, you save both money and the
environment. However, sometimes you need to use a car for one
reason or another. It is still not necessary to own a car: you can
borrow a friend’s car, share a ride, use a car sharing service or
rent a car. 

In car sharing, a group of people share the use of one or more
cars for a fixed service fee and according to common rules. You can
book a car online or by phone when you need one, even for just a
few hours a time. You can pick up the car from a location close to
your home or workplace. 

Car sharing companies such as City Car Club offer their
customers access to a variety of cars. Invoicing is based on time
and kilometers driven. If you have an HSL Travel Card loaded with a
season ticket, you can get a 25-percent discount on the City Car
Club package prices when you join the club.

If you need a car for a longer time, for example for a weekend
trip, renting a car may be a cheaper alternative. In the Helsinki
metropolitan area, Hertz, Avis, Europcar and Sixt offer discounts
for HSL’s regular customers. To get the discount, just show your
Travel Card loaded with a season ticket at the rental agency.

Using public transport a lot cheaper than using a car

Having a car costs a lot. Purchasing and maintaining a car costs
EUR350 – 1,400 a month depending on the price and type of the car
as well as kilometers driven. A Helsinki internal public transport
season ticket costs about EUR44 a month, a regional ticket EUR90.
Even with several tickets for a family, using public transport is
cheaper than using a car.

Also, owning a car comes with responsibilities: car insurance,
maintenance, changing tires, washing…

Hopping on a bus, tram or commuter train is easy; you have
your own driver and thus, you can use the travel time for reading
or just relaxing.

Because of e.g. congestion and parking challenges, traveling
by bike or public transport is often faster than driving,
especially in urban areas. By using public transport, you also
reduce the load on the environment. In addition, users of public
transport get more incidental exercise than car users. 

HSL’s mobility management aims to encourage people to reduce car
use and increase walking, cycling, use of public transport, car
sharing, ride sharing and economical driving.

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