HSL’s day ticket is the best option for visitors

Day tickets are ideal for occasional users of public
transport who make several journeys during one or more days. The
tickets are sold at various places.

"Similar tickets are available in big cities around the world
so people know to ask for them in Helsinki, too," says Eija Jalo,
HSL’s Head of Customer Services.

Typical users of day tickets are visitors who want to see the
sights of Helsinki. The ticket is popular also with people visiting
festivals and other events and school groups.

You can purchase a day ticket for 1 to 7 days. The ticket
allows unlimited travel on all modes of transport – buses, trams,
the Metro, commuter trains and the ferry to Suomenlinna.

You can choose the area for which you need a ticket: there
are one-zone tickets, e.g. for Helsinki, as well as regional and
extended regional tickets.

A Helsinki internal one-day ticket for adults costs EUR 7, a
regional ticket EUR 12. Children travel at half the adult

Easy to get, easy to use

"The day ticket sales network has been steadily expanding,
nowadays also large department stores sell day tickets," says Eija
Jalo. The tickets are sold, for example, at the metropolitan area
K-Citymarkets, Prisma stores and R-kiosks as well as the Helsinki
City Tourist Office and HSL’s service points.

The ticket is easy to use: you simply need to show it to a
card reader without pressing any of the buttons. The ticket is
valid from the first use.

One-day tickets can be purchased also from bus and tram
drivers. Helsinki internal and regional day tickets are available
also from ticket machines. When you purchase a ticket from a ticket
machine or driver, remember that the ticket is valid from the
moment of purchase.

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