HSL’s operational and financial plan 2013-2015: HSL is preparing for the opening of the West Metro and Ring Rail Line

The completion of the West Metro and Ring Rail Line will
significantly HSL’s operations in the coming years. In Tapiola, the
construction of the West Metro will force buses on diversion
already at the beginning of 2013. HSL is preparing for the opening
of the West Metro by revising the Espoo feeder service plan and by
analyzing the impacts of the West Metro on bus routes in western
Helsinki in greater detail. The Ring Rail Line will cause
substantial changes to the bus route network in Vantaa at the
beginning of 2015, and HSL is currently preparing for the

“The completion of the Ring Rail Line and West Metro will also
affect the procurement of services. The cost of rail services will
increase due to the introduction of new rail sections and trains. 
Therefore it is important that the switch to feeder services goes
smoothly and that it brings substantial savings as well as new
passengers. HSL is working in cooperation with VR and the Ministry
of Transport and Communications to improve the operating conditions
of commuter train services. We hope that commuter train services
could be opened for tendering as soon as possible," says the
Executive Director of HSL Suvi Rihtniemi. 

Ticketing and information system the most significant

The most significant investment during the planning period is
the ticketing and information system project. A total of some EUR
55.3 million is budgeted for the project in 2013-2015. The project
involves the renewal of the current Travel Card system as well as
implementation of a real-time passenger information system
throughout the region by the end of 2015.

The Executive Board of HSL discussed the operational and
financial plan for 2013-2015 on 23 October. The Executive Board
approved the proposal made by the Chair of the Board according to
which the Board proposes to the General Assembly of HSL the
following binding budget for 2013: operating expenses EUR 586.5
million, investments EUR 18 million, municipal contributions EUR
291.4 million.

New round of transport system planning 

The planning period 2013-2015 includes also the preparation of
Helsinki Region Transport System Pland HLJ 2015.

The work will be closely connected to regional land use
planning, to which the 14 Helsinki region municipalities have
committed themselves in the MAL Letter of Intent signed on 20 June

HLJ 2015 will emphasize the importance of transport policy
choices with a goal of clarifying the roles, division of work and
competitiveness of different modes of transport. The preparation of
the plan involves an interview study conducted in autumn 2012 on
residents' travel habits, a freight transport study conducted in
2012-2014, as well as strategic programs for public transport,
walking and cycling, and Park and Ride.  

HSL’s budget 2013

The passenger numbers on HSL’s transport services have been on
an upward trend in recent years.  The 2013 budget is based on a two
percent increase in the passenger numbers.

HSL's operating income in 2013 total EUR 588 million, an
increase of EUR 26.8 million or 4.8 percent on the previous amended
budget.In 2012, ticket revenue accounts for 47.4 percent of the
income. The estimated ticket revenue is EUR 269.7 million in 2012,
the estimate for 2013 is EUR 278.6 million.

The expenses that cannot be covered by ticket revenue or other
income are covered by municipal contributions paid by the member
municipalities. In the 2013 budget,  municipal contributions total
EUR 291.4 million, 49.6 percent of HSL's total income. The annual
Government subsidies to public transport in large cities is
estimated to be EUR 5.6 million in 2013-2015.

Income from penalty fares is estimated to total EUR 6.4
million, with a EUR 2.5 million credit loss and credit loss

In 2013, HSL’s operating expenses are EUR 586.5 million, an
increase of EUR 25.7 million on the 2012 amended budget. Operating
costs are EUR 466.1 million. The operating costs account for 79.5
percent operating expenses. The costs for different modes of
transport are as follows: bus services EUR 315.8 million, train
services EUR 69.8 million, tram services EUR 50.1 million, Metro
services EUR 24.6 million, and ferry services EUR 4.3 million. The
operating costs of the new Kutsuplus services are estimated to be
EUR 1.5 million.

HSL pays compensation for its member municipalities for the use
of public transport infrastructure owned by the municipalities. In
2013, the compensations are EUR 69.5 million, which is 11.8 percent
of HSL’s total operating expenses. 

HSL’s investment costs amount to EUR 18 million. The most
significant investment during the planning period is the renewal of
the ticketing and information and development of the current
ticketing system.  A total of some EUR 55.3 million is budgeted for
the project in 2013-2015. 


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