Tram route to Munkkivuori?

HSL and Helsinki City Planning Department are studying the
possibility of creating a tram route from the city center to
Munkkivuori. Residents are asked to comment on the proposed
alignment options and to suggest appropriate locations for stops.
The survey results will be used in the planning of route options.
Tram service to Munkkivuori would commence in the 2020s at the

The major questions are, should the tram route go along
Huopalahdentie or Laajalahdentie, and should it end in the center
of Munkkivuori or continue up to Talinranta. If the route is
extended to run to Pitäjämäntie, the tram could use the same tracks
as the planned Jokeri light rail link.

Comments online or in a residents’ meeting

You can study the proposed route options and comment on them
online. The website is in Finnish only. The
survey runs until 15 April 2012. 

Survey results and route options will be discussed in a
residents’ meeting on Wednesday 9 May from 6pm to 8pm. The meeting
will take place at the Munkkivuori parish meeting hall, Raumantie


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