HSL studies the attitudes of drivers and public transport users

What would make drivers change lanes and switch from car to bus? HSL is conducting a survey to investigate the attitudes of drivers and users of public transport. The “Lane changers” survey will provide information about the prevailing public opinion and identify the motives for the choice of mode of transport. HSL will use the survey results to improve its services. HSL's goal is that in 2018, Helsinki region has the most efficient transport system and the most satisfied users of public transport in Europe.

The survey participants represent three different types of transport users: 1) those who travel only by car, 2) those who travel only by public transport, and 3) those who travel both by car and public transport. The survey will be completed during spring 2014.

The survey is conducted by Darwin Oy through group interviews with employees of companies selected for the survey. The organizations participating in the survey include, for example Amrop Finland, Evangelical Lutheran Parishes of Espoo, Palmia, Qvik, SOK, SuPer, TeliaSonera, Teosto and Verkossa Media.

In the Helsinki region, some 345 million journeys are made annually by bus, tram, Metro, Suomenlinna ferry or commuter train.

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