Come test ride the new city bikes!

Next year, the Helsinki public transport system will be supplemented by city bikes. Bike models will be available for test ride at Narinkkatori on Friday 9 October 3pm-5pm.

City bikes are, first and foremost, meant for residents. Next Friday, all those interest can test ride bike models of the suppliers  participating in the tendering process for the bikes. There are three bikes available for testing.

The event takes place at the HKL Bicycle Center at Narinkkatori on Friday 9 October 3pm-5pm.

You can also get advice on bicycle winter maintenance and how to use the Journey Planner for Cycling. In addition, the Bicycle Center has Helsinki cycle route maps, saddle covers and reflectors available.


Hello. Accidentally found your article and memories flooded)).
Working consultants in the college and in between writing my good argumentative essay topics ( ), I like to travel. So say weekend excursions.
In one such trip I visited Helsinki. To say that I am delighted with your city is not to say anything))
But I was also impressed by the local tourist transport - a bicycle. Since I love him - mostly on a bike I moved around the city. Your bike stations and bicycles are something. About the road generally silent.
Why I'm so excited - I'll explain. Sometimes, you come to a seemingly developed country (let's not specify now what :)) - really afraid to get on a bicycle. It is evident local authorities do not know what a bicycle is. No conditions, no roads ... (

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