Five months until the opening of the Ring Rail Line - a new era is ahead

With only five months until the opening of the new rail line, the construction of the Ring Rail Line has entered its final phase. The opening of the rail line on 1 July 2015 will usher in a new era for public transport.

The construction of the Ring Rail Line has entered its final phase. At the moment, four of the five new Ring Rail Line stations are completed. The last of the stations, at the Airport, is expected to be completed in the early summer. Test runs will begin next month, after which the final decision on stations at which the trains will stop will be taken.  

From the 1 July, a new rail link will open between the Vantaankosi rail line and the main line.

Good transport links to places near and far

A dense transport network, new Ring Rail Line stations, modern Flirt trains and well-designed feeder services will make travel easier and more convenient in the future. Service will be frequent: at daytime trains will run every ten minutes in both directions. HSL estimates that up 400,000 journeys will be on the Ring Rail Line daily.

In addition to providing a crosstown trunk link, the Ring Rail Line will improve transport links to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from all around the country: the new rail line will provide a direct rail link between the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Helsinki city center.

The rail line will also provide a link between the airport and long-distance train services to other parts of Finland. Long-distance train passengers will be able to transfer to the Ring Rail Line trains at Huopahti or Tikkurila stations.

New housing and employment areas

Thanks to the Ring Rail Line, new housing and employment areas served with good transport links will be created in Vantaa in the coming years. Entirely new housing is constructed, for example, in Kivistö where a dense housing area of some 30,000 people will be developed in the coming years and in Leinelä which will be home to some 3,000 people.

New, vital employment areas are expected to be created, for example, in Aviapolis. In future, the area will be home to some 50,000 jobs and 20,000 people. In addition, the Ring Rail Line will significantly ease the commuting of some 20,000 people working at the airport.

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