New stops signs for over 7,000 bus stops

A major upgrading project is about to get underway at bus stops in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. HSL updates the route number signs at stops. The aim is to standardize passenger information at the HSL area bus stops and to improve the layout and intelligibility of the signs.

Most of the changes are made in conjunction with the renumbering of bus routes. In Vantaa, the works start in May while in Espoo, the works will be mainly conducted in 2016 when the West Metro feeder routes start operating. In Helsinki, the works are conducted in phases over the next three-four years.  

The new signs have space allowing zone codes to be added when the new zone system is introduced in the HSL area. In Helsinki, letter H is added in front of stop numbers. In the other HSL municipalities, corresponding letter prefixes (E espoo, V Vantaa, Ke Kerava, Ki Kirkkonummi and Si Sipoo) are already in use. The stop numbers allow passengers to search stop-specific timetables online.  

There are some 2,000 pairs of bus stops in Espoo and Vantaa and some 3,000 bus and tram stops in Helsinki. When the other HSL municipalities, i.e. Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo, are included, the total number of stops is about 9,000.

HSL is responsible for the content and layout of information at bus stops whereas in most cases the advertisement company owning the shelters and municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of the stops as well as for putting the signage and information sheets in place.  

Elfving Opasteet Oy was awarded the contract for the new route number signs. HSL is to conclude a framework agreement with the company for 2015-2020. The total value of the procurement over four years is about 450,000 euros (VAT 0%).

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