Record high passenger satisfaction

Almost 91 per cent of public transport passengers are satisfied with HSL area public transport. HSL achieved a record result in the customer satisfaction survey conducted last spring.

In spring 2015, HSL public transport received a record high overall grade of 4.17 on a scale of 1 to 5, with up to 90.9 per cent of passengers giving public transport a good (4) or very good (5) rating. The share of satisfied passengers has slightly increased from the already high figure recorded in 2014.  

Passenger satisfaction remained at the same level as in spring 2014 on all modes of transport, with the exception of tram services where the share of satisfied passengers was slightly up. Metro passengers continue to be the most satisfied public transport users. 

“The high passenger satisfaction with public transport shows that cooperation between HSL, operators and municipalities has been successful,” says HSL’s Head of Operational Research Antti Vuorela. 

More precise disruption information wanted

In spring 2015, over 90 per cent of passengers were satisfied with the train staff’s ability to provide advice, but less than half of commuter train passengers were satisfied with disruption information. On the basis of feedback, inconsistent information on platforms and trains as well as delays in information provided on platform and station information screens were deemed problematic. 

In spring 2015, 61.6 per cent of passengers were satisfied with the punctuality of commuter train services. Satisfaction with the punctuality of commuter train services fell to nearly 60 per cent already in autumn 2014 when the train turnaround times in Helsinki were shortened. However, train passengers’ satisfaction with the ease of transfers and smoothness of travel has remained high. 

Public transport offers value for your money

Although public transport fares are in general criticized, up to 93.7 per cent of the respondents considered that public transport offers value for your money. In addition, almost 99 per cent of passengers would recommend the use of public transport to others. 

“HSL area residents consider the price and service levels commensurate and public transport a viable and recommendable mode of transport,” says Head of Group Antti Vuorela.  

On bus services, there were no major changes in the satisfaction by operating area from spring 2014. Passenger satisfaction has not improved in Kirkkonummi or Sipoo from autumn 2014, when customer satisfaction surveys in these areas were first conducted. 

HSL  measures passenger satisfaction with public transport services year-round on all modes of public transport using onboard questionnaires. The survey is conducted Monday to Thursday 6am – 6pm and Friday 6am – 4pm.In spring 2015, over 27,000 passengers responded to the survey. 

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