Take public transport or a bicycle to the Flow Festival

The Flow Festival will once again be held in Suvilahti on 14–16 August. HSL will organise additional bus services on Sörnäisten rantatie.

The Flow Festival will once again be held in Suvilahti on 14–16 August. Due to its central location, the festival venue is easy to access by public transport, on foot and by bicycle. As the environmental partner of the event, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) offers free-of charge bicycle parking for festival visitors, close to the main entrance of the parking area between Parrukuja street and Parrukatu street. HSL’s promoters are on duty at the bicycle parking on Friday 4.30pm–8pm, on Saturday 2pm–8pm and on Sunday 2pm–8pm.

“HSL decided to partner with the 2015 Flow Festival this summer, because the event has an overall focus on environmental issues and favours sustainable modes of transport for festival visitors. Public transport or bicycles are the number one choice and this is something we are willing to support,” comments Mari Flink, HSL’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

On Friday evening, the Kutsuplus on-demand bus service, which is ideal for groups, will be available for visitors to the festival. The service operates on weekdays from 6am to midnight, based on advance orders. For further information on the Kutsuplus service, please see the service website kutsuplus.fi.

In addition to regular services, HSL will organise additional night services on Helsinki internal bus routes on the Sörnäisten rantatie road, on Friday–Saturday and Saturday–Sunday.

Timetable for the additional bus services:

Bus Route Departure time
90A Vuosaari Harbor–Rautatientori 0.00am
90N Rautatientori–Vuosaari (Kallvikintie) 0.45am, 2.05am and 2.15am
90N Vuosaari (Kallvikintie)–Rautatientori 0.00am, 1.30am and 1.40am
94N Rautatientori–Kontulankaari 1.55am and 2.15am
96N Rautatientori–Vuosaari (Porslahdentie) 0.35am
96N Vuosaari (Porslahdentie)–Rautatientori 1.20am
97N Mellunmäki (M)–Rautatientori 1.15am
97N Kontula (Kotikonnuntie)–Rautatientori 1.30am


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