Travel Cards changed to blue HSL cards in 2016

HSL’s Travel Cards will be replaced by new cards next year. The change of cards will start in autumn 2016. New cards are needed for the new zone system. The new cards also enable online loading. According to current estimates, both the new zone system and online loading will be introduced in 2017.

The new HSL Card replacing the existing Travel Card is a loyalty card for regular customers. HSL Card holders will benefit from low fares and many benefits from HSL’s partners: discounts at cafes and brick-and-mortar stores as well as cut-price tickets for events. In addition, card holders will get benefits in HSL’s online shop opening soon.

The new HSL Cards are blue with HSL's logo and familiar public transport pictograms. The visual image is based on a map image of Helsinki region full of various means of transport, routes and services; the new HSL card provides access to all these. In the center of the card, there is an image of a customer enjoying smooth travel and all the services and benefits.

“We are extremely satisfied with the new, fresh design of the card. We finally get a card that reflects what we are. The HSL Card will be a companion in our customers' everyday lives: you can travel with the card as before but it is also a loyalty card," says HSL Director of Marketing and Communications Mari Flink.

Single-charge cards will get a new look and name at the same time. The new name is Visitor Card. The visual image of the white Visitor Card is based on the same map image as the HSL Card. The card is illustrated with public transport pictograms depicting the versatile mobility options available in the region. Both of the cards have been designed by Kokoro&Moi.

At the first stage, HSL procures one million new cards. Their useful life is about five years and the contract for the cards will be tendered in the spring. The existing Travel Card were introduced in 2009-2010.

Images of the new cards to be introduced in 2016:
HSL Card
Visitor Card

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