Beware of pickpockets on public transport!

Unfortunately, summer is the high season for pickpockets. Public transport passengers are advised to take care of their belongings.

 “You can avoid being pickpocketed by being cautious,” says HSL’s security expert Jaakko Heinilä. Keep your wallet and phone hidden so that a thief cannot snatch them easily from you. The best advice is to keep your wallet in a closed pocket.”

 “Do not keep any written passwords or PIN codes in your wallet. Protect your mobile device with a passcode. If you lose your phone or payment card or they get stolen, have them blocked immediately.”



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thank for the heads up. actually i researched a little bit into pick-pocketing for and can say that If you are a tourist, wear a shoulder holster worn under your shirt. I've traveled to all kinds of dangerous places and have found this the safest option. It doesn't work if you are into clingy clothes but it's fine if you wear a light jacket.

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