A large number of new low-emission buses introduced on HSL bus routes

Over 50 new buses entered service on HSL bus routes. The new buses meet the stringent Euro 6 emission standards and they have more pram spaces than older buses.

Since last Monday, 52 brand new buses have been operating on HSL bus routes. UThis is an unusually high number of new buses to introduce at the same time. New vehicles allow bus companies to give up older buses.

The new buses are diesel vehicles that meet the Euro 6 emissions standards with a particular focus on reducing nitrogen dioxide and particulate emissions. The Euro 6 standards cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 20% from the Euro 5 engine standards.

 “All new buses have USB plugs for charging mobile phones and laptops,” tells HSL Fleet Engineer Petri Saari. In addition, they have three pram spaces, one more than most older buses. The new buses are equipped with automatic air conditioning and have LED route number displays also on the left side.”

Savonlinja Oy, Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy and Nobina Finland Oy bought in total 56 buses but they keep a couple of them in reserve.

The largest number of new buses, in total 45 Volvo buses, was bought by Savonlinja Oy. The new buses of Savonlinja Oy operate on routes serving Tikkurila, Suutarila, Ala-Tikkurila, Heikinlaakso, Latokartano and Meilahti.


A large number of new low-emission buses introduced on HSL bus routes. These buses are gone in a large route when they start all for it. I am showing all which they demand here https://www.rushessay.com/buy-custom-essay.php showing working and also description for bus routes which is almost newly introduced here.

Congrats for the USB ports! In the modern days this is a must. Hopefully this action will be spread all over.

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