You can now pay HSL mobile tickets by debit or credit card

The HSL Mobile app has been updated. You can now pay your ticket conveniently by debit or credit card.

You can now pay tickets purchased on the HSL Mobile ticket app by debit or credit card or by mobile payment charged to you phone bill.

The HSL Mobile ticket app has been updated. You can now pay tickets purchased on the app by debit or credit card. You can also pay by mobile payment, i.e. the ticket is charged to your phone bill. co

 “Now that customers can pay the tickets by debit or credit card, also company phone users and foreign visitors can easily buy HSL’s mobile tickets,” says HSL’s Senior Mobile and Online Sales Expert, Satu Rönnqvist.

With the HSL Mobile ticket app, you can buy single tickets for all HSL travel zones. The tickets are valid on all modes of transport. Mobile tickets are 10% cheaper than single tickets bought from drivers. For example, city internal single tickets cost 2.90 euros.

In total 320,000 customers have now downloaded the HSL Mobile ticket app and about 60,000 mobile tickets are sold a week.

A mobile season ticket will be introduced later this year. In addition, HSL is developing a new HSL app, which combines a ticket app and the Journey Planner.

 “We want to make the use of public transport even easier. In future, customers will be able to access all key mobility, payment and information services via our app and online service,” says the Director of Customers Experience and Sales Department, Mari Flink.


I just now booked the HSL mobile tickets using HSL mobile tickets app. You can get all latest mobile tickets apps for free on tutu helper app. You can get this app from

I would love to get the following features:

- Being able to buy time period tickets online
Specify period of time and zone(s) covered, pay by credit card, PayPal or Finnish banking system.

- Automatic top up of the balance on the card.
As in if the value on the card drops under 5 EUR, you can specify if you want to automatically top it up with 20, 40 or 60 EUR for example using PayPal or Finnish bank recurring payments or credit card.

You already know my Card ID and you have already my credit card when using the ticket app. Just fumble them together and generate true value.

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