City bike season is here – bikes not available at all stations at first

City bikes are back on the streets in Helsinki from Tuesday 3 April.
The Jalavatie, Töölönkatu and Ulvilantie bike stations will open once the street cleaning works are completed and the bike station by Helsinki Ice Hall will open when the street works in the area are completed.


The snowy and icy weather conditions have made the installation of bike stations challenging. When all stations have been installed, there will be 150 bike stations and 1,500 city bikes in Helsinki.

"120 bike stations have been installed to date. The Jalavatie, Töölönkatu and Ulvilantie stations cannot be installed until the street cleaning works have been completed. The bike station by the Ice Hall will be installed when the street works in the area are completed," says Samuli Mäkinen, HKL Project Manager.

City bikes are not available at all stations from Tuesday morning. CityBike Finland starts to fill in the stations on Tuesday morning but it takes time to go round all of the over one hundred stations.

It is advisable to take the wintry weather conditions into account when riding the yellow bikes. As snow, ice and gravel make the streets slippery, cyclists need to be careful and adjust their speed to the conditions. We urge all cyclists to follow the traffic rules and, for example, not ride on the pavement.

Season pass costs 30 euros – from the beginning of May, city bikes available in Espoo and for rides between the cities

Fee for the whole season, 3 April-31 October 2018, is 30 euros. The fee allows unlimited 30-minute bikes rides. For longer rides, there is a fee of €1 for each additional 30 minutes. The maximum cycling time is five hours at a time. In addition to the season pass, there are weekly passes (€10) and day passes (€5). All passes include an unlimited number of 30-minute bike rides, the overage fee applies for longer rides.

The city bike services in Helsinki and Espoo operate in an integrated way. Customers register with one system and pay one season pass fee. From 2 May, the bikes can be used for rides between cities, from Espoo to Helsinki and vice versa. In Espoo, there will be 70 bike stations and 700 bikes. Later in the summer, 35 more stations and 350 bikes will be added in Espoo.

You can register for the whole season or buy a day or weekly pass. The service is available online atörät.

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