Fares for the longest trips to decrease at the beginning of 2020

On 29 October, the HSL Executive Board decided that the fares for the longest trips, i.e. the prices of ABC, BCD, CD and ABCD tickets, will decrease at the beginning of 2020. The price cuts will apply to both single and season tickets. The prices of AB, BC and D tickets will not change.

“This is the first time in our 10-year history we make such significant fare cuts. We will lower the fares for the longest journeys, as switching from driving to public transport for the longest journeys is most beneficial in terms of reducing emissions from traffic,” says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

The biggest benefit will be to those living in zones C and D, but also people living in zones A and B will benefit from the lower prices. For example, residents of Helsinki buy 27 per cent of ABC tickets and they are the third largest group of people buying ABCD tickets. 

The level of public transport service is poorer in zones C and D than closer to the center of Helsinki. In zones A and B, the level of public transport service is excellent. Moreover, the validity area of AB and BC tickets is very large and thanks to the 80-minute transfer time, passengers are often able to make both the outward and return journeys with the same ticket. 

Changes to fares from 1 January 2020

Single tickets Price in 2019 Price in 2020
AB, BC and D *  2.80 2.80
ABC 4.60 4.10
BCD  5.40 4.10
CD 4.20 3.20
ABCD 6.40 5.70
Season tickets Price in 2019 Price in 2020
AB, BC and D *  59.70  59.70 
ABC 107.50 96.70
BCD  115.80 96.70
CD 98.00 77.60
ABCD 156.40 139.70

* The prices of AB, BC and D tickets will not change.

HSL proposes an increase in the penalty fare

The penalty fare has remained unchanged since 2007. HSL is proposing an increase in the penalty fare from 80 euros to 100 euros. The penalty would still be reasonable compared to penalty fare rates in other Nordic capital regions, which range between 100 euros and 155 euros. Every year, HSL loses 8-10 million euros in revenue due to fare evasion.

Suomenlinna ticket withdrawn

Suomenlinna tickets will no longer be sold from 1 January 2020. The 12-hour tickets are only valid on the Suomenlinna ferry. All other HSL tickets are valid on all modes of transport. The restricted validity of the ticket causes confusion and passengers are unsure whether they need to buy a Suomenlinna ticket for the ferry even when they already have another valid ticket. 

In addition, the HSL Board decided to examine how different discounts affect students’ and senior citizen’s travel and HSL’s ticket revenue, as well as to study the safety of walking aids on public transport. Moreover, the Board will study how the price changes contribute to the mitigation of climate change.




Please let all people over 67 ride for 50% or even free after 09:00 am like other countries. It costs you nothing to let older people ride on buses that are already running from place to place and it gets older people out of their homes. Too many retired people stay at home to save money. They could be riding buses to meet family and friends, etc.

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