Respond to HSL’s travel survey about feeder bus services in Lauttasaari

HSL is conducting a travel survey to understand the travel habits of people in Lauttasaari. The survey focuses on the operating area of routes 20 and 21(B).

The survey is open until 15 September. You are welcome to respond to the survey even if you do not use public transport. The survey takes about 5–10 minutes to complete.

We gather information about people’s travel habits to help us develop feeder bus services in Lauttasaari. Our objective is to develop the public transport network in the area, with the metro as its backbone. The planning will primarily focus on routes 20 and 21(B), but routes 15 and 104 will also be reviewed.

The aim is to solve the problems of the current route network and to improve feeder services. For example, we are looking into improving the reliability of services through route planning.

We have created a blog about the review of feeder services in Lauttasaari (in Finnish) to interact with people. The blog allows residents to comment on the plans and to discuss with HSL’s public transport planners. There will also be other ways to participate in the planning, and information about these will be provided later on the blog and on other HSL information channels.

The work is due to be completed by the end of 2019. Any changes to the route network will be implemented in 2020.



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