Open data

Open data in HSL

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) offers open data both as interface services and data packages. Below we've listed all available data sets and APIs.


Journey Planner APIs

The Journey Planner ( APIs offer data regarding routing, geocoding, map data and vehicle locations through several APIs...

Further information :

The public transport network data is updated daily from HSL's public transport register to the journey planner APIs (see below). The OpenStreetMap data is also updated daily to the journey planner for routing graph, geocoding and background map purposes. Due to different cache-settings, the changes in the background map become visible to the users in about one week's time.


Public transport network & timetables (GTFS)

Data from HSL's public transport register is derived into GTFS-format every day. This data collection includes all routes that have a valid timetable. The collection includes data three months onwards from the moment the collection was generated. The last GTFS-package can be found here.



GTFS-RT APIs provide realtime data of disruptions, stop time predictions and vehicle positions. See for further information.

Note that realtime data is also available from Journey Planner's Realtime API.



Data from OpenStreetMap is derived daily into HSL's journey planner into routing network, geocoding dataset and background maps. These data packages in PBF-format can be found here.


City bike trips

City bike stations’ Origin-Destination (OD)-data includes all trips made with city bikes in Helsinki and Espoo. Data includes information about trip’s origin and destination station, start and end times, distance (in metres) as well as duration (in seconds). The data is available for seasons 2016-2020, either on monthly basis or as a yearly package. The data is owned by City Bike Finland.

Monthly data (2016-2017 may-october) & (from 2018 april-october) :[year]/[year]-[month].csv. For example:

Yearly data:[year]/od-trips-[year].zip. For example:


HSL Beacon API

HSL's bluetooth beacon rest-API offers information about installed beacons :



HSL OpenMaaS API offers a retail interface both for single and season tickets open to all interested transport operators. Further information :


Traffic bulletins

HSL News API offers access to news and traffic bulletins published on in json-format. Information about cancelled services is available the Journey Planner APIs mentioned above. For example, routing API's disruption-info & realtime API's service-alerts.


Park & Ride API

HSL's Park & Ride information system API provides static and realtime information about Park & Ride in the Helsinki region. The data is maintained by municipalities and operators via a (Finnish) browser-based user interface The data can be viewed by anybody via this website. The (English) API documentations can be found here.

Further information :


Louhin service

HSL's Louhin service contains customer satisfaction data (Asty Web) and ferry passenger numbers (Lati Web) .

The customer satisfaction data is updated with preliminary results about once a month during February-April and September-October. The final results are updated into the database three times a year whenever each survey period is completed (June, September and December). Further information regarding the surveys and data :

The Ferry passenger numbers are constantly updated. Operators feed the figures into the system already during the same day. Further information regarding the reasearch and data :


GIS data portal (available in Finnish only)

HSL's GIS data portal provides several public transport related data sets. The available formats are Excel spredsheet, Google KML, GeoJSON, ESRI shapefile & ArcGIS Rest API. The available data sets (translated into English in parantheses)...

The data in the GIS data portal is always a cross-section from a certain moment. The data has been gathered specially for consultant and research needs and it is ment to present HSL's services, e.g. the route network, in an optimal situation when there are as few diversion routes as possible. Consequently, the data is generated when best suited from the public transport network point of view, roughly once a year. More regularly updated data sets can be found via the Journey Planner & Park & Ride APIs. Further information regarding these GIS data sets :


Terms of use

All these data sets and APIs (except for the Journey Planner data listed below) are licensed under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 International -license (from 1.9.2015). When using the data, please use attribution where you mention the licensee and the moment when the data has been delivered or collected (eg. © Helsinki Region Transport 2016). HSL owns all CC BY 4.0 data mentioned in this page except for city bike OD-data, which is owned by City Bike Finland.


NB! The Journey Planner's data geometry and address data that originates from OpenStreetMap are licensed under the ODbL-license. This concerns in practice parts of the routing, geocoding and map API data.



The metadata can be found under the HRI, paikkatietohakemisto & services (limited use of English). More information and examples of use regarding HSL's open data can be found at the HSL Developer Community website (, where you can also find different channels for your questions and feedback.