New bus route 617 to start running on 16 Nov – Changes to the timetables of routes 614, 615, 566 and 575

There will be changes to bus services to the airport on Monday 16 November when a new bus route 617 (Hakaniemi-Airport) starts operating. At the same time, the timetables of route 615 (Rautatientori-Airport) change and bigger buses are introduced on the route. In addition, there will be changes to the timetables of route 614 (Rautatientori–Ylästö). Also the timetables of crosstown routes 566 (Martinlaakso–Espoon keskus) and 575 (Tikkurila-Martinlaakso) will change on Monday.

Route 617 supplements weekday bus services to the airport at the busiest times of day. The new route aims to improve, in particular, commuting links to the area around the airport. In the morning peak, the route serves from Hakaniemi to the airport while in the afternoon peak, the route has more services from the airport to Hakaniemi. The new bus runs via Tuusulanväylä and Ring Road III.

There are changes also to the timetables of bus 615. From Monday 16 November, the combined headways of routes 615 and 617 will be 13-14 minutes in the morning and afternoon peaks. In addition, there will be minor changes to the timetables of route 614.

Timetables of route 614 from 16 Nov 2015

Timetables of route 615 from 16 Nov 2015

Timetables of route 617 from 16 Nov 2015

Route of bus 617

The timetables of routes 566 and 575 will change to improve the reliability and punctuality of the routes. Bus 566 starts to run about every 40 minutes. Bus 575 continues to run every 30 minutes but afternoon services from Tikkurila are brought forward by 15 minutes.

Timetables of route 566 from 16 Nov 2015

Timetables of route 575 from 16 Nov 2015

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