Bus stops closed on Kuvernöörintie in Yliskylä from 3 May

The "Yliskyläntie" 4089 and 4090 bus stops on Kuvernöörintie will be closed from Wednesday 3 May until the end of 2018 due to excavation works on Kuvernöörintie. The stops are served by routes 84, 85, 86, 86N and 802.

The closest stops are:
• "Reposalmentiensilta" 4547, on route 84 in the direction of Gunillankallio
• "Reposalmentiensilta" 4549, on routes 85, 86, 86N in the direction of Jollas and Santahamina
• "Reposalmentiensilta" 4548, on routes H84, H85, H86, H86N in the direction of Herttoniemi

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