Changes to bus departure bays at Rautatientori from 13 July

There are changes to bus departure bays at Rautatientori from Thursday 13 July. Bays 5 and 8 are relocated due to construction works on a charging station for electric buses. Bay 5 is relocated adjacent to bay 3 and bay 8 adjacent to bay 12.  

Changes from Thursday 13 July:

- Buses 717, 718 and 841N leave from bay 3/5

- Buses 611/B, 92N, 94N, 95N and 97N leave from bay 12/8

- Buses 785, 786, 787 and 788 leave from bay 13 on Läntinen Teatterikuja

The map below shows all bus departure bays at Rautatientori from 13 July.

Rautatientorin muutokset 13.7. alkaen


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