Espoo internal buses 46 and 65 as well as neigborhood routes 148 and 149 rerouted in Espoonlahti from 14 August

Espoo internal buses 46 and 65 as well as neighborhood routes 148 and 149 will be rerouted in Espoonlahti from 14 August due to the demolition of the Lippulaiva shopping center. Espoonlahdenkadu will be closed to traffic due to the demolition works. The buses will be rerouted to run along Merenkulkijankatu and Kipparinkatu instead of Espoonlahdenkatu and Ulappakatu. 

Bus 46: Merenkulkijankatu – Kipparinkatu – Espoonlahdenranta

Bus 65: Espoonlahdenranta and Kivenlahdentie intersection

Neighborhood routes 148 and 149: Lokirinne – Merikansa – Amiraalin puistotie – Kivenlahdentie – Ulappakatu – Pikku Lippulaiva – Espoonlahdenranta


The Lippulaiva shopping center was closed on 27 July and its replacement "Pikkulaiva" was opened on the same day.  

Espoonlahti reittimuutos

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