Bus stops located at the junction of Koskenmäentie and Koskenmäki in Tuusula temporarily closed from 26 November

In Tuusula, the "Koskenmäentie" (Tu6009) and "Koskenmäen risteys" (Tu6009) bus stops will be temporarily closed from Monday 26 November until further notice. The closest stops are "Koskenmäki" (Tu6006, Tu6007). The change affects buses 632, 635, 637, 644/T, 662/T/TZ/Z, 663/T/TK/Z, 932/K/Z, 937/B/K, 961 and 964K.

Koskenmäentie (Tu6009) ja Koskenmäen risteys (Tu6028) poissa käytöstä

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