Buses 14, 17 and 18N to resume their normal routes in Munkkisaari from Monday 19 October

Updated 14 October 12.30pm: Also the Matalasalmenkuja stop H1190 in Hernesaarenranta, which has been closed, will reopen and buses 14 and 18N will serve the stop in the direction of Hernesaari. Stop H1337 in the opposite direction will be no longer be served, as previously said.

Buses 14, 17 and 18N will resume their normal routes in Eira and Munkkisaari on Monday 19 October. The buses have been on diversion since early July due to street work on Munkkisaari related to the construction of the Hernesaari tram line.

Bus 17 will continue to serve the "Eira" H1178 stop by the Eira High School for Adults on Laivurinkatu in the direction of Munkkisaari. The bus will no longer serve the "Matalasalmenkuja" H1337 stop in Hernesaarenranta. The terminus of bus 17 will be the "Matalasalmenkuja" H1189 stop on Hylkeenpyytäjänkatu.


Bus 17 will resume its normal route and run via Munkkisaari in one direction.

From 19 October, bus 17 will run from Tehtaankatu via Laivurinkatu, Merikatu, Eiranranta, Hylkeenpyytäjänkatu and Munkkisaarenkatu back to Tehtaankatu.

The bus will serve the following stops

  • H1176 Eiran sairaala (Eira Hospital)
  • H1178 Eira
  • H1189 Matalasalmenkuja (terminus)
  • H1187 Hernesaarenkatu
  • H1185 Munkkisaarenkatu
  • H0445 Perämiehenkatu
  • H0443 Eiran sairaala (Eira Hospital)

Bus 17 will no longer serve the following stops:


Buses 14 and 18N will resume their normal routes via Munkkisaarenkatu.

From 19 October, buses 14 and 18N will run from Laivurinkatu via Tehtaankatu, Munkkisaarenkatu and Hylkeenpyytäjänkatu to Hernesaarenranta.

The buses will serve the following stops along the route:

Buses 14 and 18N  will no longer serve the following stops:


Routes on a map from 19 October

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