Employee, already familiar with the commuter benefit?

The commuter benefit is a fringe benefit that employers can offer to their employees for journeys between home and the workplace. The benefit is tax-free for employees up to EUR 3,400 per year. 

Commuter benefit on the HSL app

Your employer has two ways of offering you the commuter benefit via the HSL app: either as an auto-renewing mobile season ticket or as a flexible Mobility Budget. Read more about these two options below.

Season ticket or Mobility Budget?

Auto-renewing season ticket

The season ticket is an easy choice for those travelling often as well as the most economical alternative when you make six or more journeys a week. Once activated, the season ticket will remain valid indefinitely on your phone. You don’t need to do anything else except keep your phone on you when travelling.
By default, the travel zones for the season ticket on the HSL app cover the distance between home and workplace.
You can use the ticket within its area of validity for all your journeys, including trips you make in your spare time.

Flexible Mobility Budget

The flexible Mobility Budget is a new form of commuter benefit that will be introduced in the late autumn.
The Mobility Budget is ideal for travel needs that change from day to day.
You employer grants you a flexible budget that you can use to purchase single, day and season tickets on the HSL app. 
The amount left in the budget must always cover the entire price of the purchase.

What are the advantages of the commuter benefit?

Tax-free benefit

The benefit is tax-free for you up to EUR 3,400 per year.

Sustainable choice

Walking, cycling ja public transport are sustainable modes of transport. By choosing sustainable modes of transport, you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket makes your everyday travel easier

A season ticket provided to you by your employer is an easy solution for your everyday travel. Once you have activated the ticket, it is always valid on your phone and you don’t have to worry about buying a ticket or how long the ticket is going to be valid. This makes public transport easy to use when travelling both to work and in your spare time.

Taking time for yourself

When you use public transport instead of a car, you avoid the hassle of driving and finding a parking space. You can spend the journey doing something you like, such as reading or listening to audiobooks, while a professional driver takes you safely to your destination.

Exercise through commuting

Those who commute by public transport take on average 2,000 steps per day more than those who commute by car. Walking to your stop has a positive effect on both your body and mind.

Everything you need in one app

With the HSL app, you’ll have everything you need close at hand: tickets, timetables and the Journey Planner.

Interested in the commuter benefit?

Does your employer already offer you the commuter benefit?

When your employer offers you the commuter benefit and you have received an email invitation to activate the benefit, you can immediately start using the benefit by clicking on the link in the invitation. 

Would you like to recommend the commuter benefit to your employer?

Below there is a link that you can send to the person in charge of employee benefits in your workplace.