Discount prices on the Car Free Day 22 September

The European Mobility Week 16 – 22 September encourages people to think about their daily mobility choices and their impacts on the environment and society. During the week, there will be various events and theme days.

The week culminates in the Car Free Day on Sunday 22 September. On the Car Free Day, you can travel on public transport at discounted prices. One-zone single and value tickets for adults will cost one euro, children will travel at half the fare.

On the Car Free Day, HSL will organize a public transport game from 12pm to 4pm. The game allows participants to visit places that are normally not open to public, such as a metro control room and tram depot.   

Every one hundredth participant who stamps their Travel Card at one of the game destinations, is rewarded with a 20 euro gift card. All participants who visit at least two destinations are entered into a draw for a 30-day pass.

In order to participate in the game, you need to register. Also some of the destinations can be accessed only if you have registered in advance beginning from 16 September. Read more and register! Please note that the game information and registration are only in Finnish.

HSL’s tickets on the Car Free Day, Sunday 22 September

Single and value tickets Adult Child
1-zone ticket €1 €0.50
Regional ticket or 2-zone extended regional ticket €2 €1
3-zone extended regional ticket (the entire HSL area) €3 €1.50

The prices of discount rate tickets are the same as those of children’s tickets.

The tickets are valid as usual (60-100 minutes) and allow passengers to transfer from one vehicle to another as usual. The expiry time before which you should board another vehicle is printed on the ticket.

Single tickets can be purchased from drivers, conductors and HSL's ticket machines.

On most U line buses to Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo, you can get the discount only by purchasing a value ticket with HSL’s Travel Card.

With a few exception, single tickets purchased on board or from ticket machines do not allow transfer to U line buses.