HSL’s discount campaign popular among season ticket buyers

The discount campaign that HSL launched on the HSL app has proven to be popular among season ticket buyers, which shows that customers are returning to public transport after the coronavirus pandemic.

Season tickets have sold well in the biggest discount campaign in HSL’s history. The campaign was launched two weeks ago, and 93,710 season tickets have been sold at half price by Tuesday 31 August. During the campaign, adult 30-day season tickets are sold at half price on the HSL app for the HSL area and the neighboring municipalities.

65 per cent of those who have bought a discounted season ticket have not used a season ticket on the HSL app over the past three months. Approximately 40 per cent of customers who have bought a season ticket at half price have never had a season ticket on the HSL app.

“It is a great feeling to see that the campaign has reached so many people. It seems that the ‘comeback’ theme in the campaign was a good choice as people are now finding their way back to public transport after the coronavirus pandemic,” says the Director of HSL’s Customer Experience and Sales Department, Mari Flink.

“Another indicator that the campaign is a success is that we have sold more tickets in euros on the HSL app this August than in any other August in history.”

The campaign discount is available on the HSL app that you can download on your smartphone. The discount applies to adult 30-day season tickets that are purchased and whose validity starts by 15 September.

With auto-renewing subscriptions, the discount applies to that 30-day period that takes place during the campaign period. During the campaign, students and persons over the age of 70 get a 50 percent discount on 30-day season tickets instead of the normal 45 percent discount.


Sales on the HSL app in August 2019–2021


Sales in euros

                      2019 August 2020 August 2021 August

All tickets        9,625,761     9,230,150    12,244,189

Single tickets   6,603,042     6,029,251    7,057,506

Season tickets  30,227,19     3,200,899    5,186,683


Number of individual tickets sold

                      2019 August 2020 August 2021 August

All tickets        2,802,138      2,746,309     2,755,675

Single tickets   2,752,169      2,686,550     2,623,254

Season tickets  49,969          59,759         132,421


Number of individual customers

                            2019 August 2020 August 2021 August

All tickets               499,263        446,618      479,871

Single tickets          477,161        421,740      427,850

Season tickets        48,831          57,723        130,284

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